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DJ Beaten To Coma For Playing Tonto Dikeh’s Song In The Club

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DJ Moses is in a medically induced coma. Police say the 41-year-old was working in liquid lounge nightclub around 5 a.m. Saturday morning following a physical altercation inside.

“A fight broke out, when he played Tonto Dikeh’s latest single JEJE. Trying to mix it and repeatedly mixing the intro of the song, an angry guy yelled he should change the song but he refused, then suddenly a bottle was thrown at him,” said one of the bouncers.

Afterwards, the DJ was rushed by drunk guys kicking and hitting his body. Paramedics found the 41-year-old unconscious and bleeding.

As stated by reports from the hospital, he is suffering from fractures to the eye and bruising on the brain.

Although he is in a medically induced coma, he is showing some signs of recovery.

One of the drunks guys who beat the DJ was caught and all he could say was, “he is mad; how could he be repeating that song for 5 minutes? What kind phurkery is that..?”

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