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Egypt Fined $2 Million By FIFA For Broadcasting Ghana Clash

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Egypt was fined 2 million dollars by world governing body FIFA for broadcasting a World Cup qualifier away to Ghana in October without authorisation, the country’s football association said on Friday.

The decision came after Al Jazeera Sport, which had the exclusive rights to broadcast the game in the Middle East and North Africa, lodged a complaint with FIFA, said Egyptian FA board member Ehab Leheita.

Egypt’s state TV broadcast the match, which Ghana won 6-1 in Kumasi, on two local channels without prior announcement or approval from Al-Jazeera as tensions continued to rise between the Qatari-owned network and Egypt’s government.

During the match, Al-Jazeera repeatedly broadcast a message declaring that Egyptian TV does not have the right to broadcast the game.

The state Radio and Television Union (ERTU) head, Essam El-Amir, said at the time that broadcasting the match was the “right decision” and Egyptian TV would “air any matches it wants”.

Egyptian authorities and Al-Jazeera have been at loggerheads following accusations against the Qatari network of “blatantly unprofessional news coverage” in favour of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, his supporters and the Muslim Brotherhood from which he hails.

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