FG Receives Last Batch of Ebola Rescue Mission Team

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The Federal Ministry of Health today received the last batch of Nigeria’s Ebola rescue teams from Sierra Leone and Liberia.

The permanent Secretary of the ministry, Mr Linus Awute, while receiving the delegation in Abuja, welcomed the members of the teams and stated.the country was happy that all who went for the mission came back safe and sound.

Awute, was represented by Dr Sani Gwarzo, Director, Port Health Services, on behalf of the ministry and Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

He, however, stated.that members of the teams would be under health observation for few days.

As stated by him, out of 204 persons who went on the mission to Sierra-Leone and Liberia, 188 returned in May, seven came back on Monday, and five returned today (29/09/15).

Awute stated.two people each from the teams would remain in Sierra Leone and Liberia to round off the assignment.

“The 12 that have arrived are all healthy but we must, under scientific protocol, give them a thorough screening, both for other health conditions and Ebola.

“The contributions of Nigeria cannot be quantified in these countries; it has been very substantial in many forms.

“At the time Nigerians contributed to the work force, many countries were scared that they will get exposed but Nigeria took the lead which opened the minds of others to contribute,” he stated.

The Operation Coordinator in Sierra Leone, Womi Eteng, stated.when the team went there, the country was recording an average of 300 cases of Ebola daily.

He stated.at their departure, the cases had reduced to less than 10, adding that it was important for a health worker to support other countries to save lives.

“Nigerian Government gave their support and made sure we had all that was needed, so, fear was the last thing on my mind,” Eteng stated.

Ahmed Gawar, one of the public health officers in Liberia, stated.that it was not easy in the beginning but with the zeal to save lives, they worked with everything and anything to achieve success.

“Nigeria is a great nation and it shows its strength whenever the need arises,” Gawar stated.

He stated that Federal Government gave them all the support they needed to succeed in the mission.

“They supported us with all their strength by responding to calls and requests without any delay,” he stated.

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