Firm Rolls Out Apps to Improve Lives of Nigerians

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Best Rated Hospitals (BRH), e-Solutions subsidiary of Aesculapius Health has introduced mobile and web applications to help safeguard Nigerians especially in restaurants and hospitals.

The apps, Rate Your Hospital (RYH), Hospital Quality Manager (HQM), FoodSafe, and Healthier mobile app, is aimed at improving service experience of citizens or a patient in the hospital, healthcare service buyer, or as a customer in a restaurant.

As stated by the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Dr. Olufemi Aina, the idea behind the apps is to create a competitive rivalry among hospitals in the same locality so that they can improve.

RYH is a patient empowerment tool that assesses a patient experience across the customer facing points in the clinic using the average of user responses to score and rate hospitals in a locality.

He implored healthcare stakeholders including government, Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs), and corporate organisations to use the ratings and improvement in RYH to justify funding for hospitals.
The HQM evaluates and improves patient safety and quality management in hospitals by tracking patient safety scores and quality management scores for hospitals.

Another innovative solution is the Healthier mobile app, which is a specialised healthcare e-commerce platform that showcases and sells top-notch healthcare service from carefully vetted service providers.
Unlike competing applications, Healthier moves beyond only medical consultation to include varied healthcare services from a myriad of healthcare service providers.

As stated by him, as ecommerce is expanding in Nigeria, Healthier is the portal for consumers to purchase healthcare services online, including preventive health solutions.

Information of users on the Healthier platform is secured with personalized access codes. The app help users prevent and manage non-communicable diseases by saving and tracking their critical healthcare numbers like blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids. Consumers can also book appointments with specialist service providers, foreign medical practitioners and diagnostic services on Healthier.

FoodSafe focuses on safety of food prepared for public consumption. It helps users assess status of food preparers, the food-making and food-serving processes to ensure safe food. It also provides an assessment of user’s experience at the restaurant, providing service levels to help decision-making by other consumers.

He stated.the applications are made for people who are online and are Internet connected. It is not an sms based application, stating that all the mobile apps are available and can be downloaded free on the Google Play store and iOS store.

“Our solutions have a high rate of acceptance amongst Nigerians of our solutions is increasing gradually as we have dipped our foot in the Nigerian healthcare market with a few social media adverts and fliers; we are very much encouraged by the response so far”, the C.E.O stated.

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