Girl Born Without Vagina / Womb: Jacqui Beck Battles MRKH Syndrome

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A lady has spoken of her ‘total shock’ at being told at the age of 17 that she has no vagina.

Jacqui Beck, 19, has MRKH, a rare syndrome which affects the reproductive system – meaning she has no womb, cervix or vaginal opening. She was only diagnosed after she went to her GP about back pain – and mentioned in passing that she hadn’t started her periods.

Tests revealed her condition and that where her vagina should be, there is simply an ident, or ‘dimple’ – meaning she cannot have s*x or get pregnant.

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Women with the condition appear completely normal externally – which means it is usually not discovered until a woman tries to have s*x, or has not had her first period.

Miss Beck, from the Isle of Wight, admits that when she was first diagnosed, she felt ‘like a freak’.

“I’d never considered myself different from other women and the news was so shocking, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was sure the doctor had got it wrong, but when she explained that was why I wasn’t having periods, it all started to make sense.”

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“I left the doctors in tears – I would never know what it was like to give birth, be pregnant, have a period. All the things I had imagined doing suddenly got erased from my future. I was really angry and felt like I wasn’t a real woman any more,” she lamented.

Because she had never attempted to have a physical relationship, Miss Beck had never noticed the problem herself. Had she tried, she would have discovered it was impossible for her to have s*x. But after suffering from pain in her neck in summer 2012, she went to see her GP.

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“While I was there, I mentioned I hadn’t started my period yet. I still wasn’t overly worried… My doctor was very surprised… He just suggested that he would do some scans…”

When scans showed nothing, she was referred to a gynaecologist, who immediately spotted something was wrong.

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