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Giuliani Tells Mueller ‘Put up or Shut up’ in 700 Club EXCLUSIVE, but Calls Comey the ‘Real Villain’

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President Trump’s legal professional Rudy Giuliani tells CBN it looks like the president can be strolling into an entice if he testified to particular counsel Robert Mueller.

The former New York City mayor additionally mentioned at a separate occasion Wednesday that he believes Mueller’s group is attempting to border Trump.

Giuliani used robust phrases like “hypocrisy” and “scoundrels” throughout his unique 700 Club interview with CBN Founder Pat Robertson.

“Comey worked for me in the United States Attorney’s office, and Mueller worked under me in the Justice Department. I’m very, very disappointed in Comey,” Giuliani mentioned.

“Comey I think is the real villain of this whole thing. I think in Mueller’s case, it’s more that he’s not taking control of these people that work for him. And they’re going around starting all these new investigations. He’s got to have the discipline to put a stop to it, or we’re going to have to do everything we can, including some things that I don’t think we’d want to talk about right now, to try to, to try to appeal to have it stopped,” he mentioned.

Giuliani mentioned the investigation may drag on and on if the Mueller group would not set some boundaries about what they are going after.

“If they decide to follow those all up they’ll be going on for 3-4 years, all to no avail and after millions and millions of taxpayer dollars, which is why I think we have to demand that he put up or shut up because we can answer anything he has,” he mentioned.

WATCH the whole EXCLUSIVE interview with Rudy Giuliani on The 700 Club, Thursday, June 7.

Giuliani additionally mentioned, “Right from the very beginning, this is a tainted investigation,” referring to Comey’s illegally leaked memo.

That evaluation comes as ABC News is reporting that a draft report of the Justice Department’s inside watchdog investigation describes Comey as “insubordinate” when he was FBI director, concerning his dealing with of the Hillary Clinton e mail case.

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