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How I Deal With Area Boys– Actress Mercy Aigbe Explains

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Popular Yoruba actress, Mercy Aigbe, is one of the hottest actresses in the Nigerian movie industry, and has featured in an uncountable number of movies. She has made the news for both professional and personal reasons.

In a recent interview, she was asked on the secret of her success. Excerpts after the cut…

It’s very difficult to become a truly successful actress. What did you do to make it?

I won’t say it’s my own making. I will say it’s the grace of God Almighty, because the Bible says that your talent shall make a way for you. And I believe that acting is the talent God gave me, so I stood upon that Word.

So, I put my God before everything I do, then also hard work, professionalism and discipline; I can say they are the things I’m doing to get to where I’m going to. But what’s actually taking me to where I’m going to, I can say categorically, is the grace of God Almighty.

Apart from the grace of God, which is on everybody- we’ve heard tales of actresses who paid producers to feature them in movies and others sleeping with producer- what underhand thing did you do to support God’s grace?

Sincerely, I didn’t have to do any of those things. That’s why I said ‘once you’re favored, you’re favored’. When you’re favored, doors open…

…do area boys accost you for money?

Of course, they do. I think that is their own way of showing that they are your fans. And anytime they see you, they are like ‘Ah! E fun wa lowo’ which means you should give them money.

And when they request, what do you do?

At times, I give them and at times I don’t. It depends on my mood actually. And it depends on the way they talk to me.

What is the highest amount you’ve ever given them?

I can’t say an amount in particular. I just give them as my mood dictates.

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