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I Strangled My Son Because I Had No Babysitter- 20-Year-Old Mother Confesses

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A 20-year-old woman, Titilayo Odedele, has told an Ebute Meta Magistrate Court that she strangled her two-year-old child, Opeyemi, because she could not afford a babysitter for him and said she had no one to help her take care of the child after she was impregnated and thrown out of her parent’s home.

Addressing the court in tears, she said:

“I only finished Primary six, and I did not attend secondary school before I was impregnated.”

“On that Friday night, I attended a vigil and wanted to drop the child there and run away, but didn’t know what to do. On Saturday morning, I left the place and wrapped him up in a cloth. When I saw that nobody was with us, I put my hand on his neck and started to squeeze it till he died.”

“Each time I squeezed his neck, he cried, but I just kept pressing till he died. I don’t know what entered into me.”

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