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‘I Was Just Lying To Myself – Yvonne Nelson Speaks On Iyanya Again

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In an interview with Toolz on Ndami TV, Actress Yvonne Nelson, Toolz revealed some deep personal truths, touching on her relationship with Iyanya, break-ups and being a s3x symbol.
Below is a transcript of her interview:

‘Iyanya was very special and we had a thing. Errm… but I guess it was all a joke… he had it all planned out. He knew what he was looking for and I guess he had it or got it he had a lot of girls I guess on his table and it just didn’t work. I just heard a lot of things; he did a lot of things. I feel it is very disrespectful talking about him like that but errm it happened to me.

He can choose not to talk about it. We were in something. The lies were just too much. I thought it ended because of her but there are so many other things going on.

I was in town for her birthday and guess what…? There were other girls there as well. Some from South Africa, and some from wherever and I was just like oh am at his party, we’re hanging out, chilling, having fun but there were other people there.

You know why this happened so…? The industry is very funny right . When celebrities are dating each other nobody wants to come out and say because they feel, have other agendas, stuff with other people. So they can’t come out and make it exclusive like ‘oh this is my girlfriend’ because they are lying about it to everybody and they say ‘oh the bloggers are going to see, write about it forget it; they are not going to write about anything’ it’s because they have other girls so they just can’t bring you out like this is my girlfriend.

So I was just lying to myself. After, I will just meet people and they go like ‘Yvonne are you serious, what were you thinking; he’s seeing three of my friends already’, and am like ‘oh my God don’t tell me’ (laughs).

It’s been seven months and I’m like a secondary virgin .. I haven’t seen anyone, done nothing .. not even kissed .. oh yeah I kissed john dumelo in a movie.”

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