I Will Sue Obasanjo For Calling Me A Drug Baron In His Letter To President Jonathan- Kashamu

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The Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Campaign and Mobilisation Committee in the South West, Prince Buruji Kashamu, has threatened to institute legal action against former president Olusegun Obasanjo for referring to him as a wanted criminal in his letter to President Goodluck Jonathan, which was published online.

Chief Obasanjo had in his 18-page letter to Mr. Jonathan referred to Kashamu, the major financier of PDP in Ogun State, as a criminal wanted by Uk and USA authorities for drug trafficking and money laundering crimes and thus should not be seen as being a close associate of the president.

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But in a statement released by his Media Adviser, Austin Oniyokor, Kashamu said: “I do not know what extradiction Baba Obasanjo is talking about. We are already in court over a different case. With this one, he’s in for a big libel. Of course, I’m going to sue him immediately. Obasanjo is not above the law, so there is no reason why I will not sue him. By tomorrow (today) we’ll be in court because that is the last resort for an aggrieved person.”

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Kashamu added that “Obasanjo has not said anything new. It is all part of the old worn-out blackmail that Kashamu’s political adversaries have been peddling. Anyone who knows Obasanjo’s antecedents will agree with me that it is only typical of him to turn round to call the same man that he wined and dined with in the past names”.

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“When Kashamu teamed up with him against former Governor Gbenga Daniel, he was a good man. When he worked with him to produce the platform that his (OBJ’s) anointed candidate, Maj.-Gen. Tunji Olurin, used during the 2011 elections, he was a good man. Indeed, he praised him to high heavens and openly prayed that God will reward his labour for the party and humanity.”

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