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Justin Bieber Spits On His Fans From Hotel Balcony!

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Disgusting Bieber, aka Justin, has been caught in his fourth spitting row this year. Eh? Why?

Although I don’t know why this ridiculous behaviour took place.
Before the 19-year-old decided to spit from his balcony onto crowds below, he filmed the fans gathering outside the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto, Canada, and posted the video on his Instagram.

The Canadian pop brat wrote, “I wake up this morning to this 🙂 Best fans in the world. #beliebers #s3xyfans.”


Something like boredom can be cured by taking a walk, reading a book, listening to music, things like that; not for Biebs though.
Reports say Justin was bored when he decided to spit on his s3xy fans.

Some fans were inclined to stick up for disgusting Justin.
One said, “What’s so bad with Justin spitting on fans? Every girl in the world would love to get spat on by Justin.”

To make matters more disgusting, Justin and his pals, who joined him on the balcony, looked like they were quite amused by the spitting fest on the crowds below them.

Fans running to get a glimpse of the Biebs. *Rubbish!

Last night an outraged Twitter user commented, “Justin Bieberspat at his fans from a balcony because he was bored. That’s just downright disgusting.”

Another wrote, “Justin Bieber spitting? Seriously? Can’t you afford a tissue with all your millions? It’s revolting.”

The storm comes weeks after a DJ accused the Biebs of spitting in his face in Ohio, US.

Earlier this year the Boyfriend singer allegedly gobbed in his neighbour’s face during a row, but this was denied by the millionaire star.

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