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Musician Kollington Ayinla Sick And Broke, Puts Mansion Up For Sale

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Veteran Fuji artiste, Kollington Ayinla popularly called ‘Kebe N Kwara’ is having some tough time with his health and finances.

The Fuji icon is battling ulcer and typhoid fever and has been in and out of the hospital for several months.

After spending his fortune on the strange illness, Kollington Ayinla admitted to Encomium magazine that his sickness is spiritual in nature. See interview excerpts after the cut…

A couple of months back, it was reported that you’re seriously ill. They even said it was a strange ailment and that you’re hospitalized in a private hospital and all that. What’s the truth about the whole thing?

What happened was that most of your people don’t do their investigations very well before writing their stories. I left hospital a long time before they reported that I was sick…

But were you not truly sick then?

Nobody is above sickness. And the body also needs rest. Anybody can fall sick at anytime, including the doctors taking care of the sick. So, what are we saying? I was sick but I was already out of the hospital, going about my normal duties as a musician before they reported that I was not feeling fine. Do I look sick? Definitely, no.

What was the nature of the sickness?

I had ulcer and typhoid.

How many days did you spend in the hospital?

I spent up to two weeks.

It was reported days back that you have put this mansion for sale, how true is it?

It’s true… I don’t have money, and I need money. I can’t just be looking at the building; I can’t eat it. I need to convert it to money. But not the whole property that I want to sell. It’s just this uncompleted structure directly opposite us…

So, you’re still interested in selling it?

It’s worth N80 million now

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