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Nigerian Woman Loses Her 7-Month-Old Pregnancy After Lebanese Boss Kicked Her

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A 34-year-old woman, Mrs. Alexandra Ossai, has accused her Lebanese boss, Kaveh Noine, of causing her to lose her seven-month pregnancy after he kicked her in the stomach.

Currently at a private hospital in Fagba area of Lagos State, Ossai had to have an emergency surgery four days after the kick to save her life as the kick damaged her placenta.

As stated by Punch, Ossai, who until December 13, 2013, was a supervisor with a Lebanese owned firm, Toppan Printing Company, alleged that Noine assaulted her many times during her eight months stay at the company.

She said:

“I started working at Toppan in April. I earn N17,000 salary and work from Monday to Saturday. Anytime Noine was annoyed, he would beat the person he was angry with. Sometimes, he would throw whatever he can lay his hands on at the person.”

“Prior to that incident, Noine had slapped me many times.”

“Noine had stated.he would hold me responsible for the shortcomings of the people I supervised. As a result, I often assisted my subordinates in their duties to make sure that Noine had nothing to complain about.”

However, Ossai stated.on December 12 2013, Noine had flown into a rage when he noticed something on the floor in her section.

“…we produce packets for drugs and perfumes. So when Noine saw one of such packets on the floor, he was so angry that he gave me a blow to the chest,” she recalled.

She stated.Noine subsequently went into his office and typed a termination letter for Ossai, which she refused to sign.

The following day, Ossai ran into Noine while coming from his secretary’s office. Noine allegedly dragged Ossai back to the office.

Ossai said: “He stated.I looked like a mad person. After abusing me, he hit me on my neck twice. Then, without warning, he kicked my stomach with his knee. Some co-workers were there but they did not intervene. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.”

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