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Nollywood Actor Benson Okonkwo Recounts How 35 Year Old Neighbour Raped Him

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Benson Okonkwo is the actor who starred in a gay movie.

Benson has acted in over 30 movies and worked with producers both home and abroad

Anyways,Benson recently poured out his heart, recounting how he was raped by a 35-year-old neighbour when he was just ten years old.

The incident, he says, haunts him and talking about it might get it off his mind.

He says, “things may not be glamorous as they seem and he has gone through a lot in the past and that is what made him the Benson Okonkwo” many love and respect today in the industry.

He says he was s3xually abused at the tender age of 10 by his 35 year old neighbour named ms. Amaka who is presently in the diaspora.

As stated by him, Amaka was a lady whom he loved and respected as a ten-year-old boy but she took advantage of him on that fateful afternoon after luring him with sweets and biscuits!

She Stole his innocence and according to him, ever since, he has been haunted by that painful, un-erase-able memory and that is why he puts passion into his acting job because its takes away his pain.

Benson says the incident did not make him hate women but rather made him weary of women. He affirms he loves ladies and is grateful to his teeming fans who are mostly ladies and thanks them for their support and belief in his talent.

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