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Ohio State Latest University to Crack Down on Fraternities after Hazing Allegations

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Ohio State University -

Ohio State University –

Ohio State University has become the latest US academic institution to ban on fraternity ceremonies amid concern that alcohol-fuelled initiations are putting students at risk.

The move comes within days of Texas State University outlawing all “Greek Activities” – encompassing both fraternities and sororities – following the death of a Phi Kappa Psi inductee.

Similar steps have been taken in recent weeks at the University of Michigan and Florida State University.

There has been mounting concern at the human toll arising from the incidents of “hazing” at many universities in the United States.

Such rituals involve pledgees drinking copious amounts of alcohol in a very short time, with at times fatal consequences.

In May, 18 students at Penn State were charged with offences including aggravated assault and furnishing alcohol to minors following with the death of Timothy Piazza, a 19-year-old engineering student.

It is estimated there have been 40 deaths from hazing at US campuses over the last 10 years.

The Ohio decision was announced by Ryan Lovell, the senior director for sorority and fraternity life at the university, the New York Times reported.

“During the period of this directive, your chapter may request to participate in essential activities only,” Mr Lovell wrote.

Since the start of the academic year, 11 of the university’s 37 fraternities have come under investigation, although details of the alleged offences have not been disclosed.

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