Olu Jacobs Gets Personal Statue In His Honor

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Olu Jacobs, often times referred to as the granddad of Nollywood has achieved great feats in the industry beyond standards he probably set for himself.

From the old days of the mid 90’s when he acted together with Omotola Jalade and Emeka Ike in “”Day Break”, to some of his most current movies, the style and class he brings into his roles is second to none; from the trademark roaring voice when he is angry and intent on creating mischief especially when he gets offended or his child goes contrary to his commands, to the sweet and fatherly affection he displays when pleased, Olu has remained the same person and kept true to his core acting values that has made him a beloved of many.

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In the past years, some of his age mates who were legends in their own rights, including the likes of Sam Loco, Enebeli Elebuwa, Pete Eneh, and Justus Esiri, have all passed on. So it is worth at least recognizing his great feat over the years and bestowing on him an award deserving of his status.

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Even before that happens however, the legend has already received a sculpted statue of himself and Olu Jacobs can certainly take pride of this because he deserves it.

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