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Read What I Just Experienced…. Mistaken Identity or Just Some Silly Villager Ranting?

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So, on the 11th of October I got a msg from a. strange Number. It was from one of the gfs of a fellow corper back then that currently stays in Benue. Askd how she got my # & wondering why d guy will giv out ma # w/out my consent. She said she took it w/o his knowledge. Fine! Wetin she want? I no know! She said she has already achieved that… Cool. I stopped d chat.

My brothers&sisters, the thing no end there o! Just this afternoon she sent me a messaage [Don’t mind her English, she’s a villager champion! lol]:
“Swit hrt! Suld i say hard luck or sorry? I can feel ur pain. oh  it really hurt. I got ur text message dis morning n it was hrt breaking. Jst try to get over it OK, dnt allow it to boda u too much. u know men can be funny at times. But next time dearie u don’t need to jump in to a relationship with any man with out knowing who the person Really is. try to find out if the person you  want to build a relationship with or give ur hrt to is single or is really searching. If not men will not stop to dump you so watch out and be very careful.”


Adlek: Sorry, dd u mistakenly send ds to me?????
Adlek: Definitely!
Villager‬: O my darling it was particularly meant for you


Villlager‬: Is hard to admit it but just know Dat I care
Villager‬: With d look on ur face yestiday it was so obvious
Adlek: Wait, are u sure u know who you are sending dz msgs to?
(At this point I was wondering if she saw a msg from my number on her so-called bf’s phone. She said she got a msg from me, right?)
Adlek: Hey, check d # & stop spillling ur beans!!!!
Adlek: I’ve neva met u & u dnt know me!
Villager: Basically I know am talking to olera Sarah Akogwu sorry if your surname is nt slept correctly
Villager: O yea but I met u yestiday
(So, I was actually in Benue State yesterday w/o knowing?)


Adlek: Lol
Adlek: Ask ur bf, Paul!
Adlek: I cld help u out next tym u want to deal wit a babe who’s cheating with ur bf on u
Villlager‬: My u will kip on hurting ur self weather u accept it or no
Villager: My dear friend jst save the stress of trying to ova ur self up
Adlek: & nxt tym, wen u want to steal a # from a guys phone, check d name he used to save it.
Villager: My little advice for u is move on
Villager: Lol
Villager‬: Really
Adlek: I stay in Lagos. I’m a Yoruba girl. So wt eva is in dt stupid head of urs,  shld go to d grave.
Adlek: Infact, I’m calling him to find out wt ds stupid insult is all about

She didn’t stop o! The WhatsApp chat continued…

Villager‬: Wat a shame
Villager‬: My dear what Eva
Villager: Jst get ova the shock and stay calm
Adlek: Wait, are u dt stupid? Or u cnt read?
Adlek: Lolz!
Villager: Ranting will not solve ur problem
Adlek: Is it dt he ddnt store my # with my name or u ddnt go to sch?
Villager‬: O my God u re ova reacting
Adlek: Ds is sooooooo funny!
Villager‬: I  re d one Dat is so funny gosh!
Adlek: He calld me & told me to speak to his gf. U were d one @ d other end. I said ‘hi’ and b4 we cld say anymor, his phone went off.
Adlek: He calld back d nxt day dt his crd got exhausted
Villager‬: Lol
Adlek: Only for u to msg me
Adlek: Are u crazy???
Adlek: If he’s truly ur bf ask him abt me
Adlek: And stop being foolish!!!
Villager: No am not crazy
Adlek: U are!
Adlek: Infact, ds is a waste of tym wit aa kid.
Villager: U jst stop beating abt the Bush and co
Villager: Com out of ur shell
Villager: Ohhh
Villager‬: I really tot of Dat
Adlek: He stays in Markudi or so. I stay in Lagos. HE IS NOT MY TYPE! U need to see a doctor! Like urgently!
Adlek: U’ve seen ma pic & u met d Sarah ystrday, do we look alike? It’s now I know you are a complete idiot!!!
Adlek: I dnt need to tell u my name but I am not Sarah! & I’ve neva been to dt ****** village of yours! Or whreva u guys stay
Adlek: Wt a pity! You are losing ur bf to another babe
Adlek: Wt a shame!!!
Adlek: U can’t jst satisfy him…. hmmm. Very obvious!
Adlek: Stop stressing urself; wt will be, will be. If d said Sarah wld marry Paul, she will! If she won’t, she won’t!! So, relax and look for d Sarah so dt u can keep on ranting cz I’m truly not.
Villager: OK sorry dear u can’t still accept the fact that u are been dumped

I eventually blocked her. I just can’t stop laughing so I decided to share it with Famzites.

This lil gal needs help, someone should advise her on how to keep her bf…. You can get her number from the screenshots and tease her! lolz. Hey, almost forgot, her name is Faith.

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