Rick Ross Faces Ridicule After ‘Eating All The Borders’, Calling Africa A Country

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US rapper Rick Ross is being heavily criticised online after tweeting that Africa – the second largest continent in the world – is a country.

Apparently, Africa is one whole country, according to rapper Rick Ross, who posted on twitter Monday “Just landed in the beautiful country of Africa..I can tell you that the world is excited for #TheGifted”.

The rapper, who has recently been slammed for lyrics depicting date rape in the song U.O.E.N.O, and subsequently lost his Reebok endorsement, is currently promoting his artist Wale’s new album, The Gifted.

Social media has been having a field day with Ross’ yet to be deleted, corrected, or even acknowledged tweet, with most people poking fun at him.

Local comedian Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) posted on twitter: “As big as he is, Rick Ross should know the difference between a continent & country” and “Rick Ross ate all the borders…and made Africa a country.”
@Maxhoseni said: “‘Nelson Mandela didn’t serve a 27 year sentence for Rick Ross to call Africa a country.'”
@DJSbu asked: “If indeed it was, then which Province do U think Rick Ross would likely to be from?”

@clvtno said: “Rick Ross landed in the whole of Africa at once, I swear he writes the fat jokes for himself.”
The most scathing tweet so far has come from @FreedomReeves, who posted on twitter: “@rickyrozay doesn’t know that having s3x w/ an unconscious person is rape. Why did y’all expect him to know that Africa was a continent?”

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