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Touch Not My Anointed: Church Member Says S/A Will Face Disaster for Arresting Pastor Omotosho

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Following the arrest and detention of Pastor Tim Omotosho, a Nigerian pastor based in South Africa over allegations of s3xual abuse, a member of his church, Jesus Dominion International, has declared that the country will face a calamitous disaster in seven days.

The church member who stated.that the South African police erred in arresting a man of God no matter what he did (no matter what he did?! Did I hear right?), have incurred the wrath of God and a devastating natural disaster awaits them within the next seven days if he is not released.

The controversial Pastor Omotosho was arrested at the Port Elizabeth Airport after he was declared wanted by the police for allegedly abusing over 30 young female church members over a period of time.

The angry church member took to his Instagram account to say that, by daring to arrest the 58-year-old pastor, the country should be prepared for a calamity they never imagined.

Read what the aggrieved member wrote:

“South Africa, you just made the biggest mistake by arresting Rev. Tim Omotosho. You will face the biggest natural disaster you never experienced in your life within 7 days mark my words. Rev. Tim Omotosho is not just a man but a friend of Jesus.

You have caused a serious problem for your people and if you do not release him within 7 days, you will weep and your citizens will weep for this.”

Pastor Omotosho is being detained as charges against him are being prepared and will be arraigned in a court soon.

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