US Approves 15,000 Visas for Immigrants Working for American Companies

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The United States government has disclosed plan to issue 15,000 visas to temporary seasonal workers to provide labour for American businesses.

A statement issued on Monday by the department of homeland security (DHS), explained that the decision is as a result of labour shortage.

US secretary of homeland security, John Kelly, noted that there were not enough qualified and willing American workers to perform temporary nonagricultural work.

“As a demonstration of the administration’s commitment to supporting American businesses, DHS is providing this one-time increase to the congressionally set annual cap,” Reuters quoted him as saying.

“Temporary workers at seasonal resorts as well as in landscaping, seafood harvesting and processing are among those eligible.”

Kelly, who in May said he planned to grant additional visas, received approval from congress to authorise additional visas.

DHS however added that it had created a new tip line to report any abuse of the visas or employer violations.

Business owners and members of congress had urged Kelly to issue the visas, citing an urgent need for workers.

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