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Why I married Osinbajo’s father – Vice President’s mother

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Olubisi Osinbajo, eighty-five year old mother of Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, has revealed why she married the Vice President’s father.

As stated by him, Mr. Osinbajo Sr. was not like young men of these days.

She stated.she married him because he was disciplined, serious and at the same time focused, adding that her parents were happy the first time they saw him.

She stated.she married a man who was 14 years older than her.

According her, they met when the man came visiting her sister’s husband and from there, the relationship grew into marriage.

She told Punch, “I met him when I was very young; I was still living with my sister then. He was a friend to my sister’s husband . I regarded him as an elderly person because he was 14 years older than me.

“After his training in the UK, he came to look for somebody else at the girls’ school where I taught. I saw him in the entrance hall and I greeted him.

“He expressed surprise at knowing I also worked in the school. I went to inform the person (Miss. Adegunle) he came to see that she had a visitor.

“Meanwhile , Miss Adegunle already had a boyfriend . I never saw him as a boyfriend because he was much older than I was. Three weeks later, he visited me in the school . He talked to me and he was very serious about it.

“I told my parents about it and they sanctioned the union because he was a much disciplined man; he is not like the men of nowadays . My father was pleased about it, but in the place where I come from, Ejigbo in Osun State, they didn’t like getting married to Ijebu people. However, my mum was from Ilaro in Ogun State.

“We eventually got married and we were together till he died in 1996 . He loved me and I loved him. I used to cook about five different dishes per meal for him. He was very pleased with me , and I was with him as well.

“After we got married, he told me to stop working and focus on training the children . We were just managing, seeking and worshipping God. We brought up all our children in the way of God and we trained them to be humble . By the grace of God, they (children ) did everything that we told them to do.”

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