Why most political leaders fail in Nigeria – Pastor Ajiboye

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The General Secretary of Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN), Pastor Richard Dare Ajiboye, has blamed lack of succession plan in governance for the failure of political leaders in the country.

He stated this at the launch of his book in Succession Planning, which took place at the Bible Guest House, Ilupeju, Lagos.

Ajiboye commended Lagos State for maintaining a good succession plan, which had made the state to stand out in the country.

He said: “Lagos State has continued to be on the front burner to a large extent, because successors have been coming from the same political party with a common goal to make the state to excel.

“The status quo has been sustained because of a good and effective succession plan that has been strictly adhered to, for which the state deserves to be commended and emulated.”

The cleric lamented that the absence of a succession plan has had adverse effects on the country, which explained the no continuity in governance, 57years after the country’s independence.

He explained that there was a systemic challenge in the country, resulting in leaders pursuing their individual agenda, without caring about thye country’s interest.

Ajibole also canvassed a constitution where the principles of succession are entrenched for intra-and inter-party succession.

He recommended extending such plans to all levels of government, as well as adhering to non-tribal sentiments in aspiration to political offices.

The cleric called for the same approach in churches to avoid crisis after the leader and founder has gone.

“When a Church or an organisation refuses to have a proper succession plan, the culture in that body would be endangered if an ignorant person is appointed into that position. Succession plan is imperative for every setup, including faith-based organisations”, he stated.

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