After 46 years sprinter breaks Israeli women’s 100 meter record

A 20-year-old sprinter set a new Israeli 100 meter record Wednesday, breaking a record that had stood for 46 years.

Diana Vaisman ran the space in 11.38 seconds on the Israel Athletic Championship in Tel Aviv, beating the time of 11.45 set by Esther Roth-Shahamorov on the 1972 Munich Olympics.

“What I most want to do is represent the country,” Vaisman mentioned in a post-run interview. “I want to show people that there are other sports apart from basketball and soccer.”

She additionally harassed the pleasure she felt at having damaged the record in Israel.

“I wanted to set this record in Israel, in my country, so that everybody could see it live,” she mentioned.

Sprinter Diana Vaisman (l) after she broke the Israeli women’s 100 meter record with former record holder Esther Roth-Shahamorov on July four, 2018. (Screen seize: YouTube)

Roth-Shahamorov was available to witness the occasion and congratulated Vaisman, saying she felt as if a weight had been taken off her shoulders.

“I’m a fan of hers. It was a very impressive run, very convincing,” Roth-Shahamorov mentioned in an interview with the Ynet information web site. “What remains for her now is to represent the State of Israel with results like that. As she has shown, her fitness is excellent and we here in Israel are holding our breath because we are proud of every athlete who represents us.”

The former record holder continued by congratulating Vaisman, saying, “Now all that remains is to beat her own record.”

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