FAITH NATION Analysis: President Trump Meets with Russia’s Putin

In the build-up to President Donald Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, US lawmakers and political observers on both sides were warning Trump not to trust Putin.

President Trump referred to Russia as merely “a competitor” just days before meeting Putin, but some say Russia is actually an aggressor and has even committed acts of war against the United States and other countries with its cyber-attacks on the United States election in 2016 and its efforts to conquer neighboring countries like Georgia and Ukraine.

Middle East expert Joel Rosenberg used a stark term to describe Putin, saying “he’s evil.”  Rosenberg told CBN News, “I don’t believe in walking into the room with a world leader who’s an enemy, who’s a strategic threat, unless you have a specific game plan.”

The summit comes right after Trump met with NATO leaders, taking a hard stance on demanding they pay their fair share in the military defense alliance that exists to hold Russia and other rogue actors in check.

Trump says getting along with Russia is a good thing, but should the United States try to just get along with a leader who has committed ongoing tyrannical abuses of power? The CBN News FAITH NATION team brings you the full press conference with Trump and Putin as well as LIVE analysis of the summit Monday morning.


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