Netanyahus take young cancer patients to World Cup semifinal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, announced they are taking two cancer patients with them to Russia, where they will all watch the World Cup semifinal together on Wednesday evening.

The prime minister is due to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow in the latest in a series of frequent summits between the two amid persistent tensions over the presence of Iran-backed fighters in Syria.

“After the meeting, my wife and I have been invited to watch the World Cup semifinal match and they told us that we could bring two guests. We decided to bring with us two wonderful children who are bravely fighting cancer,” the prime minister said.”

Mika Lipsker is 18 years old and Alon Izraev is 13.

“Mika, whom my wife and I have known for nine years, and Alon, whose parents emigrated from Russia and who likes soccer very much. We are very moved that we can realize a dream for them,” said Netanyahu.

Netanyahu was diplomatic about the likely result in the game between England and Croatia.

“Of course they ask me: ‘Prime minister, who will win?’ So I answer you as prime minister and as foreign minister: ‘The better ones,’ and in any case, it will be a fascinating game.”

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