No room at the Golan inn: 6 things to know for July 1

1. A humanitarian disaster is continuous to unfold in southern Syria, with regime forces backed by Russian airstrikes steamrolling into cities and seemingly forcing them to cry “uncle.”

  • Amid the onslaught, Syrians are “streaming” towards the Golan Heights, in Haaretz’s telling.
  • It’s not clear what number of displaced individuals are heading for the Israeli border for safety, however with the UN estimating 160,000 compelled from their properties and reviews of some 60,000 on the Jordan border — effectively, you are able to do the math.
  • Israel Hayom reviews that the military is giving the Syrians some 300 tents, 13 tons of meals, 15 tons of child meals, three pallets of medical provides and medication and 30 tons of garments and sneakers. The tabloid additionally performs up the medical assist Israel is giving wounded Syrians, because it has for a number of years.
  • The paper’s essential headline, although, “Aid yes, Absorption no,” makes clear Israel’s continued staunch opposition to taking in any refugees.
  • Pretty a lot the identical headline seems in Yedioth Ahronoth, and the paper’s on-line version has a very unscientific web ballot which reveals overwhelming assist for Israel refusing to let in refugees, with 83% saying they need the refugees to keep out and solely 17% being for letting them on, out of 217 respondents.

2. The AFP information company has footage of refugees establishing tents close to the Israeli border and in Haaretz Elizabeth Tsurkov, considered one of the most dogged and effectively knowledgeable researchers into Israel involvement in the Syrian civil conflict on the Golan, places a face to a few of these establishing camp.

  • Tsurkov quotes one man who fled there saying many heading there consider they are going to be protected by the 1974 settlement establishing the border space as a demilitarized zone.
  • “Civilians are asking Israel to protect them, or to annex the area remaining [under rebel control] to Israel,” she quotes the head of a humanitarian group saying.
  • Tsurkov brings different anecdotal proof of the crush of individuals on the border space, like Israel’s cellphone community, utilized by Syrians close to the border for years, being overloaded, and the border city of Rafid, lengthy a refuge to losse fleeing, filling up.
  • “The residents opened their homes to the refugees. The houses are completely full. There are at least five families in every home. The refugees are along the border fence with the Golan. No humanitarian organization can cope with the families here. The numbers are enormous. The situation is terrible. This is Judgment Day,” a resident says.

Three. If one have been wanting for a image of Israel’s seeming lack of caring for the refugees, they would wish look no additional than the entrance web page of Yedioth, which just about completely ignores the disaster simply steps away from Israel’s border in favor of the information that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo crashed out of the World Cup.

  • “There was a dramatic silence, with no massive celebrations. It seemed like everybody was trying to absorb just having witnessed one of the greatest shows of soccer in history,” the paper’s correspondent writes from Kazan, the place France beat Argentina Four-Three, as if it have been the scene of some nice World War II battle.
  • Other Israeli journalists, who had apparently forgotten that Argentina actually had no enterprise even making it this far, are additionally awestruck by the information, or maybe dumbstruck is the higher phrase. Israeli information website Walla writes that “Argentines woke to a dark day Sunday,” despite the fact that it’s nonetheless the center of the evening there.

Four. Prince William, in the meantime, appears to have been thunderstruck by his go to to the area, if the British Daily Mirror tabloid could be believed.

  • The paper reviews that the prince has determined to commit his life to discovering Middle East peace after his go to right here.
  • “A highly-placed Palace source told the Sunday Mirror that the Duke is determined to solve the region’s long-simmering mutual hostility – a problem which has stumped a series of world leaders,” the paper reviews.
  • “This is the start of something new. I will forever honor my commitments to the people I have met,” he’s quoting telling aides at the finish of the journey.
  • “William is a young, intelligent man who is very in tune with the politics of the world,” the palace source is quoted saying. “No one will forget when he told the Palestinian people they have ‘not been forgotten.’”
  • Needless to say, Israelis are skeptical:

5. Israel Hayom reviews that Israelis worry pro-Palestinian actors in Europe are working to get Israel booted from FP9, an innovation program meant to succeed Horizon 2020.

  • The paper reviews that a petition was lately circulated signed by 154 teams and unions from 16 international locations calling for “for any Israeli defense or security companies to be immediately removed from EU plans.”
  • With a funds of some 100 billion euros, (the paper misreports $100 billion, however who’s counting?) Israeli corporations can lose out on billions of shekels if faraway from the innovation scheme, Israel Hayom notes.

6. In the United States, journalists are coming collectively in the wake of the lethal capturing at the Annapolis Capital Gazette.

  • In Israel, although, the small cadre of native English-language journalists are bickering publicly after the Jerusalem Post reported that US officers are aggravated by what they see as a determination by Haaretz’s English version to change the headline of an op-ed from Trump negotiator Jason Greenblatt to be extra confrontational towards Palestinian counterpart Saeb Erekat.
  • In response, Haaretz writer Amos Schocken publicly accuses the JPost of in search of to put Haaretz in a detrimental mild (and a correspondent for Haaretz calls a JPost reporter a “pipsqueak” for daring to problem his boss.)
  • While Haaretz editors (full disclosure: I labored on the Haaretz English version a number of years in the past) could have modified Greenblatt’s headline to learn “Trump Mideast Envoy: The Palestinians Deserve So Much More Than Saeb Erekat,”piquing Erekat, and US officers could certainly be peeved, their accusation that the paper distorted Greenblatt’s phrases appears considerably disingenuous.
  • Greenblatt himself wrote “Dr. Erekat – we have heard your voice for decades and it has not achieved anything close to Palestinian aspirations or anything close to a comprehensive peace agreement. Other Palestinian perspectives might help us finally achieve a comprehensive peace agreement where Palestinian and Israeli lives can be better,” which is fairly faithfully distilled into the headline.
  • Unless you might be Thomas Friedman, anybody who submits any article for publication does so with the expectation that editors could change the headline or make different edits, so it’s unclear why Greenblatt thought he can be handled any in another way.

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