Trump Stuns Washington, Invites Russia’s Vladimir Putin to White House

WASHINGTON – In a stunning turn of events, President Donald Trump has invited Russia’s Vladimir Putin to the White House this fall. Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel weighed in on the invite, saying that she thinks […]

President Trump Brings Accountability Back to Not Only Washington But to The White House

President Donald Trump knows all about accountability in the business world.   A successful businessman, Trump has successfully built his businesses by holding people accountable.   The president also promised during his campaign to “drain […]

Secret Empires: Exposé Unveils Corruption Among Washington’s Elite – and How the Game Is Changing

WASHINGTON – Washington has a lengthy and well-deserved status for double-dealing, and now in accordance with best-selling creator Peter Schweizer, the title of the recreation is altering. “Politicians have gotten very clever about corruption,” Schweizer […]

United States Women’s March on Washington

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Washington, DC: Women’s March for equal rights

Washington, DC – the United States capital saw half a million protesters on Saturday following President Trump’s inauguration for the Women’s March on Washington. Locals and visitors alike saturated city streets chanting “Welcome to your first day – we will not go away” and other slogans in numbers that forced the route to change from its planned path. The march organisers had originally applied for a 200,000-people permit, but said nearly half a million attended the march.