Tension Brews In Zimbabwe As Man Shot Dead In Election Protests

Tension Brews In Zimbabwe over Election. AFP One man was shot dead on Wednesday after the Zimbabwean army opened fire in central Harare as protests erupted over alleged fraud in the country’s election. The man […]

Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa calls for end to western sanctions

This file photo taken on November 24, 2017 shows Zimbabwean new interim President Emmerson Mnangagwa receiving the chain and sash of office from the Chief judge of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Luke Malaba as he is officially sworn-in during a ceremony in Harare.<br />Mnangagwa unveils on December 1, 2017 his first cabinet, drawing criticism for recycling the old guard and rewarding cronies who helped propel him to power following a military takeover and mass street protests. / AFP PHOTO / TONY KARUMBAZimbabwe’s new President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday called for the removal of Western sanctions on his government during a speech to ruling party officials and said elections due in 2018 were nearer than “you expect”.

Mugabe granted immunity, assured of safety in Zimbabwe: sources

Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe was granted immunity from prosecution and assured that his safety will be protected in his home country under a deal that led to his resignation, sources close to the negotiations said on Thursday.

Mugabe given till noon 20 November to resign

President Robert Mugabe: New ultimatum says he must resign by noon on MondayZimbabwe’s ruling party has given its  93-year-old leader, Robert Mugabe, less than 24 hours to quit as head of state or face impeachment.This came after he was sacked as the leader of the party. His powerful wife, Grace was similarly dismissed.Mugabe, the only leader the southern African nation has known since independence from Britain in 1980, was replaced by Emmerson Mnangagwa, the deputy he sacked this month in a move that triggered Tuesday’s intervention by the army.In scenes unthinkable just a week ago, the announcement was met by cheers from the 200 delegates packed into ZANU-PF’s Harare headquarters to seal the fate of Mugabe, whose support has crumbled in the four days since the army seized power.Power-drunk Mugabe was given until noon (1000 GMT) on Monday to resign or face impeachment, an ignominious end to the career of the “Grand Old Man” of African politics who was once feted across the continent as an anti-colonial liberation hero.Even in the West, he was renowned in his early years as the “Thinking Man’s Guerrilla”, an ironic nickname for a man who would later proudly declare he held a “degree in violence”.As the economy crumbled and political opposition to his rule grew in the late 1990s, Mugabe showed his true colours, seizing thousands of white-owned farms, detaining opponents and unleashing security forces to crush dissent.As the vote was announced, war veterans leader Chris Mutsvangwa, who has spearheaded an 18-month campaign to remove a man he openly described as a “dictator”, embraced colleagues and shouted: “The President is gone. Long live the new President.”Mugabe’s 52-year-old wife Grace, who had harboured ambitions of succeeding her husband, was also expelled from the party, along with at least three cabinet ministers who had formed the backbone of her ‘G40’ political faction.Speaking before the meeting, Mutsvangwa said Mugabe, who has so far resisted calls to quit, was running out of time to negotiate his departure and should leave the country while he could.“He’s trying to bargain for a dignified exit,” he stated.If Mugabe refused to go, “We will bring back the crowds and they will do their business,” Mutsvangwa told reporters.Mnangagwa, a former state security chief known as “The Crocodile,” is expected to head an interim post-Mugabe unity government that will focus on rebuilding ties with the outside world and stabilising an economy in freefall.On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of Harare, singing, dancing and hugging soldiers in an outpouring of elation at Mugabe’s expected overthrow.

Zimbabwe lashed over elephant deal

Zimbabwe has stated.that it has sold 35 elephants to China to reduce overpopulation and to raise funds for conservation, sparking criticism from conservationists themselves.

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Zimbabwe Man Jailed For 15 Years For Poisoning Elephants

A Zimbabwe court on Wednesday sentenced a poacher to more than 15 years in prison for poisoning and killing elephants with cyanide, the fourth such conviction in the country in a month.

The court in the western town of Hwange also found Akim Masuku, 26, guilty of illegal possession of ivory, handing down a total jail term of 15-and-a-half years, the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority said in a statement.

The accused still faces separate charges for cyanide possession and for contravening environmental laws, wildlife officials stated.

The case comes a day after the Parks and Wildlife Authority said 100 elephants had been killed by cyanide for their ivory in a single national park in just over a month.

“One hundred elephants have died in Hwange National Park due to cyanide poisoning and 12 people have since been arrested and four have been convicted and sentenced,” it stated.

Masuku’s co-accused Norma Ncube, 18, is set to appear in court on October 30.

Three other poachers were in September sentenced to a minimum of 15 years each for poisoning 81 elephants.

They were also ordered to pay $600,000 (440,000 euro) to the wildlife authority for killing the animals.

Officials have given villagers living around the park until the end of October to hand over any cyanide they might have or risk arrest.

There are more than 120,000 elephants roaming Zimbabwe’s poorly policed national parks.

Elephant tusks and other body parts are highly prized in Asia and the Middle East for ornaments, as talismans and for use in traditional medicine.